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To be sure you (or your partner) have penile papules have a peek at the penile papules pictures to the right and the one below. It should be blatantly obvious to you if that's what you are witnessing.

penile papules

Is that the stuff you've been seeing? It can be embarrassing but rest assured, it's not a sickness, there is no STD involved, and it cannot interfere with sexual activity (well, physically it can't, but mentally I'm sure it can be an issue).

And don't worry, you are NOT alone.. this is a common occurrence. And please understand, although the real cause of this issue is still uncertain, poor hygeine has been ruled out, and it has nothing at all to do with frequent masturbation (or all men would be in trouble!)

And whatever you do, please do not pick and pull at these papules, it's just going to make things worse.

I wouldn't remain ethical if I did not tell you that they are in fact harmless so breathe a sigh of relief. I know that self esteem and confidence can suffer so if that is an issue for you, you can be rid of them with a natural approach, and without having to pay a bunch of money for surgery.

You can do it in the comfort of your home. No one even has to know you had them.

Picture looking down at the piece of lumber with a nice smooth surface once again. That can be the case 3-4 days from right now. Learn more here.

A former sufferer of penile papules can show you how to eliminate them in just a few short days.

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Penile Papules Treatments

Pearly Penile Papules Treatments are difficult to find because it is not known for sure exactly what causes these bumps to appear on the male penis. Diet, poor hygiene, penile balanitis and masturbation have all been implicated and then eliminated as causes - but the tiny skin tags are quite common and present in around 20% of the population.

Known medically as Hirsuties papillaris genitalis, these tiny white or flesh-colored lumps measure 0.5-3mm across and usually appear in one or several rows around the circumference of the glans penis - the ridge at the base of the 'helmet'.

Contrary to popular belief, they are not sexually transmitted and do not affect health or sexual performance.

However, their presence can cause embarrassment, psychological discomfort and self-esteem issues and, whilst some men just learn to live with them, others are determined to find effective penile papules treatments and eradicate the problem.

Common home remedies including toothpaste, honey, vitamins A and E, retinol A, iodine, cider vinegar and oatmeal, along with traditional wart treatments such as freezing have proved ineffective but most healthcare professionals have been reluctant to recommend surgery for aesthetic reasons as most techniques have had limited degrees of success.

Some men do elect to undergo penile papules treatments such as ablation by carbon dioxide laser, electro-dissection with curretage or excisional surgery. The penis is numbed with an anaesthetic cream before the treatment and, providing no complications arise - inflammation and infection, hematoma, scarring issues, swelling, bruising, and numbness - all these procedures can be performed without a hospital stay.

However, technological advances in lasers have resulted in promising outcomes using newer fractional ablative approaches.

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Penile Papules Q&A ??????

Q: Is it possible to get pearly penile papules at the age of 17?
I'm 16, Is it possible to get pearly penile papules at this age? I have a few bumps around the glans that look exactly like them and I'm positive that there not an STD ( or genital warts ) because I'm still a virgin. I have a gf and i want to make sure that it is not an contagious before i do anything with her.

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I'm 18, and I've had them since about 16. So yes, I think so. But I'm just one person, so it might not be true. I'm also a virgin, and I'm terrified of what I would say if a girl ever asked me what they were and decided not to have sexual relations with me, despite the fact that they are not contagious and utterly harmless.

Other Answer

yea its quite possible, i just recently did at the age of 23 go figure


Q: Can girls get pearly penile papules from guys?
My friends husband has pearly penile papules and recently has devolped similar bumps on her clit and near her vagina, is it an std or pearly penile papules ?

A: Best Answer - Chosen by Asker

pearly penile papules its not an std my ex had them and it freaked me out I took her to an std doc they said no problem big sigh of happyness from me lol

Myths Surrounding Penile Papules

There are a number of myths that exist concerning an embarrassing penile growth health concern. Penile pearly papules have been a perceived health issue for many men. These tiny growths located along the head of the penis have had several explanations over the years, and many have been completely incorrect.

Myth #1- Penile pearly papules are contagious

This could not be more inaccurate. Because the mechanism that causes these growths does not use a pathogenic agent to spread the growths, these papules are not transmissible between sexual partners. As a matter of fact, cultures of these papules, in men with no known, diagnosed STDs, will only grow the normal bacteria that are present on the skin.

Myth #2- Papules are a sign of cancer

Once again, this rumor is false. Papules that grow around the penis are not precancerous and will not turn into a cancerous tumor. Because these growths are unexplained, some men will be under the misconception that growths are a sign that a malignant condition is present on the penis. This is not true and leads men to suffer from unnecessary concern.

Myth #3- These growths are a sign of a previous STD

Many scars that result from previous lesions from STDs do not concentrate themselves around the penile head. In addition, scars that are related to STDs are typically formed when an untreated STD is left to fester without the use of medications to prevent secondary bacterial infections from developing. Men who receive treatment for syphyllitic chancres can take antibiotics to recover from the STD. Lesions that form from viral STDs do not resemble the growths that are caused by penile pearly papules.

Myth #4- Men who have growths on their penises make lousy lovers

Many men who have these lesions are concerned that their lovemaking abilities will be adversely affected with penile growths. What these men do not realize is that constantly worrying that they are not good lovers may actually make them try harder to please their sexual partners. Not only will men be more inclined to increase their partner's desire, but they may also be more in tune with their own sexual needs.

Learning the truth behind papules can help men to understand that the condition that they have is not a major health concern. These men will also rest assured knowing that their papules are not contagious and are not a sign of a sexually transmitted disease. If at any time a man is concerned about a growth on their genitals, they are encouraged to contact a licensed health care provider for more information and diagnosis.

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